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Naturopathy and You

Why should I see a naturopath

Naturopathic medicine can treat you successfully from the preventive stage all the way through to serious, chronic and debilitating disease. Therefore, people can go to Naturopaths for colds, bronchitis, allergies, as well as for heart disease, diabetes, and malignant diseases.

What does a naturopathic consultation involve?

The Naturopathic consultation is built around listening to each individual’s health story. This process of being listened to and heard is often therapeutic in itself. During an initial consultation, an in-depth and detailed case history is taken to gain a wholistic sense of a person’s health picture. An initial consultation generally is 1 to 1 1/2 hours in length.

You will be asked about your past and present health, life experiences, patterns of health in your family and your personal characteristics. This will include looking at the physical, mental and emotional characteristics which make up you as a unique individual.

Let us look at homeopathy, which falls under the broader banner of naturopathic medicine.

The first homeopathic consultation usually takes around one hour to one and a half hours. Subsequent consultations will last 40 minutes to one hour. The initial consultation is longer because homeopathy is the selection and recommendation of a remedy to match your own unique condition as an individual. To do this all symptoms in a person must be taken into account because we exist as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual beings. The symptoms you experience are inter-connected ono all four levels of you being.

All naturopathic consultations are totally confidential.

What can I expect from my naturopathic treatment?

Recovery takes place in different ways depending on the nature and history of your condition. Generally you will notice an increase in energy and wellbeing during your recovery. You may be given a single dose, or repeated doses of a naturopathic remedy. Where illness has been developed over a long period of time, several treatments may be necessary over a period of months. Whereas in acute (short term) conditions, results may be gained very quickly.

Booking a consultation

Please contact us to discuss a convenient time.

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